About SafetyLine Institute

The SafetyLine Institute provides learning guides and associated readings and resources to help learners at workplaces develop competencies in key units of the national work health and safety qualifications. These materials support the development of skills in work health and safety and assist workplaces in identifying and implementing improvements.

If you are interested in informally studying units of the new national work health and safety (WHS) qualifications, you can freely enrol and use the SafetyLine Institute. This is on the basis that you use a participating registered training organisation (RTO) if you later decide to seek skills, recognition or formal training to gain the unit of competency or qualification.

RTOs pay a modest fee to use the SafetyLine Institute materials and these fees go into a government managed trust fund which is used to fund development of new material. Participating RTOs view the licensing concept as beneficial as it eliminates wasteful and needless duplication of material.


Gaining a qualification

We have licensed RTOs to use our materials, so if you are interested in gaining a formal qualification or unit of competence you should enrol with one of our licensed RTO providers at the earliest possible time. The SafetyLine Institute only provides access to learning materials, so please DO NOT contact the SafetyLine Institute about gaining a qualification. Please note that participating RTOs will charge fees.


Learning guides

The learning guide is the key resource for each unit of competency. It provides the framework to assist you to gain competence in the unit and can be used by RTOs in conjunction with a coaching and mentoring programme or as a participants’ manual during training. Units of competency consist of sections covering competency and performance criteria, which are reflected in the structure of each learning guide. The learning guide content explains the requirements of the section and performance criteria, and contains case studies to assist coaching, mentoring and training.

The learning guides are specifically designed to support the development of WHS skills and competencies for those involved in WHS at workplaces. The learning guides are supported by additional ‘readings’, which assist learners to gain the required knowledge for specific competencies.



Each competency unit page lists the readings which help you gain the required knowledge. These readings have associated tests designed to make sure you have understood the material. The tests are marked online so that you can receive immediate feedback. The SafetyLine Institute keeps a record of the test results completed by all learners. Once you have logged in you can view your test results.

The readings were produced by WorkSafe Western Australia (WorkSafe) and underwent an extensive peer review process to ensure the contents meet industry and enterprise requirements. The learning guides were written by leading industry WHS consultants as selected by WorkSafe, and each industry WHS consultant used their peer network to validate the contents. The final documents were edited by WorkSafe.


Assessment guides

Assessment guides are provided for those licensed training providers that wish to use them when assessing learners.


The SafetyLine Institute only provides access to learning materials, please DO NOT contact the SafetyLine Institute about gaining a qualification.  If you are interested to gain a formal qualification please contact our licensed RTO providers.

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