SafetyLine Institute

The SafetyLine Institute provides learning materials in key units of the new  national work health and safety qualifications.  The aim of the Institute is to help you gain knowledge and skills to enable you to participate in improving health and safety at your workplace.

Each unit contains readings to be completed to gain the knowledge required for that subject. The key resource for each unit is the learning guide. It provides the framework to assist you to gain competence in the unit.

If you wish to study informally online you can Register free of charge to complete the online knowledge tests for each unit and have the results recorded. The tests are marked online and feedback is immediate. Results are recorded and confidential records are retained for you to view.

Gain a qualification

We have licensed registered training organisations (RTOs) to use our materials, so If you are interested in gaining a formal qualification or unit of competence you should enrol with one of our licensed RTO Providers at the earliest possible time.  See the top navigation bar for the list of RTO Providers that we have licensed.  Please note that these RTO Providers charge fees. 

Additional resources

At the main WorkSafe website you will find relevant videos and photographs as well as useful checklists.

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