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How do I report a problem or ask a question?
Please email the SafetyLine Institute Coordinator explaining your query and include the following;
  • Your username.
  • Subject heading, 'SafetyLine Institute'.
  • Page link(s)to the relevant page(s).
  • The Browser and Version that you are using. e.g IE9
What is the best browser to use on the site?
The site has been optimized for the following browsers;
  • IE8/1E9 (IE10 is NOT yet officially supported)
  • Firefox 10+
  • Chrome 12+
I am having problems downloading the PDF files.
Please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your machine. This can be downloaded from here
I am having problem logging into the system
Please make sure that your username and password are correct. The username and password are case sensitive. Type your password into another file such as notepad to ensure that it is correct and then paste it into the password field.
Who do I provide feedback to about this site?
Please email the SafetyLine Institute Coordinator to provide feedback.
What are Gradebook Reports?
Gradebooks are available for all enrolled users and provide a summary of the Grades achieved on all quizzes on a per Course basis.

The Gradebook report is available via the "Grades" item in the site Navigation bar at the top of the page. This item will display a summary of all Grades on a per user bases. From here you can drill down into each Gradebook. 
Each Gradebook is sub divided into Grade Categories for each Course. Each Category contains quizzes of a specific type and the Category total calculates the lowest quiz mark achieved per Category.

The following marks need to be achieved in order to Pass the quiz;
All Learning Guide quizzes – 100%
All Element quizzes – Minimum 85%
All Hazard Extension quizzes – Minimum 85%

All valid Category marks need to be achieved in order to obtain a Course Grade of Pass

Example of a Gradebook - PASS.

In the following example the lowest Element quiz mark achieved is 94% and the lowest Learning Guide quiz mark achieved is 100%. Therefore the Course Grade is a “PASS”
Gradebook Pass

Example of a Gradebook - Commenced

In the following example the lowest Hazard Extension quiz score is 80%, the lowest Element quiz score achieved is 85% and the lowest Learning Guide quiz score achieved is 100%. As the lowest Hazard Extension quiz score is less than the required 85% the Course Grade is "Commenced"
Gradebook Fail

How can I download Certificates of Completion?

Upon completion of all Learning guide and Element quizzes, with a grade of Pass, Certificates of Completion are available for download via the final section of each Course. The section is titled “Certificate”

The required quiz scores to achieve a Pass are as follows
Learning Guide quizzes – 100%
Elective Quizzes– Minimum 85%
Hazard Quizzes– Minimum 85%

The Certificate will be “greyed out” and will not available for downloaded until the user has completed all quizzes with the required score.

Example of a Certificate available for download

Cert Pass

In this instance all of the quizzes have been completed and a Pass mark achieved

Example of a Certificate that is not yet available for download
Cert Fail

In this instance the appropriate quiz Pass marks have NOT been achieved.

Example of a Certificate of Completion

Who do I contact if I am interested in gaining a WHS qualification or unit of competency?
You should contact one or more of our licensed training providers. Please do NOT contact the SafetyLine Institute.
How many attempts may I have for each quiz?
There is no limit on the number of attempts for each quiz.
Will the system store the results of an uncompleted quiz if I want to take a break before finishing the quiz?
What if I take a break from my computer when I am logged on?
Your session will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity and you will be logged off.
I cannot review my last quiz.
Your last quiz will only be available for review after 2 minutes have elapsed since the quiz completion. Refreshing the page after this period should allow you to review the quiz.
How do I access my quiz result?

Your Course quiz results are available via the "Grades" button in the top Navigation bar but only when you are on a unit course page, for example BSBWHS403. The Grades button will then display a list of overall unit course Grades and from here you can drill down into each Gradebook to display your results for each quiz.

I cannot view files some files

Some files are configured to open in a "new window" or "new tab". Please make sure that the popup blocker on your machine allows these files to open.

I am not receiving my confirmation Email.

Please check your Email Spam/Junk folder.

How do I update my login details, email address and password?

To change your account information, login to the system, select "My Profile Settings" and then either "Change Email" or "Change Password".
Please note that the Newsletter subscription service for licenced training providers is on an independent system. Licenced training providers are also able to register for access to material on the Institute Site

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