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Information for RTOs

The SafetyLine Institute provides learning guides, assessment guides and associated readings and resources to help learners at workplaces develop competencies in key units of the new national work health and safety qualifications. These materials support the development of skills in work health and safety, and assist workplaces to identify and implement improvements. The materials are flexible and can be used in a variety of delivery modes depending on your requirements.

Become a participating RTO

If you are an RTO and wish to use the SafetyLine Institute materials, please contact the  SafetyLine Institute Coordinator via email or phone: (08) 9358 8247. Training providers who wish to use the materials can do so by paying the modest licensing fee of $300 per unit, per year for an unlimited number of learners anywhere in the world.  Licensing fees provide income to a trust fund that is used to maintain the material.  Participating RTOs view the licensing concept as beneficial as it eliminates wasteful and needless duplication of material.  Only those RTOs licensed by us are allowed to use the SafetyLine materials.

If you wish to proceed, besides the units you wish to license we will need the name of the person who will sign the agreement at your end and their title, the street address of your organisation, and the date you want the agreement to commence.  We will then send you two bound copies of the standard licensing agreement for signing and return.  The contract works in a similar way to the previous OHS qualifications contract, but allows an RTO to cancel at any time after an initial minimum period of one year. 
If you proceed, for your webpage at our site we will also need a contact email address and a word.doc of information for potential learners interested in learning more about gaining WHS qualifications at your business, and a copy of your logo in .PNG file format (portable network graphic) with dimensions of max height 75px and any width up to 240px.  

In exchange for the modest licensing fee, RTOs are authorised to:

  • use the licensed learning guides, assessment guides, readings and knowledge tests, which can be used online by their learners or be printed or downloaded for learner use; and
  • use the SafetyLine trademarks, which can be used for promotional purposes and on any certificates and Statements of Attainment related to the licensed materials.

Certificate III Integrated Assessment Tool

The WorkSafe Integrated Assessment Tool for health and safety representatives has been removed pending an update to meet the requirements against the current units of competency (UoC).

If you have been using the WorkSafe Integrated Assessment Tool previously, please be aware that some of the elements are not current and need to be updated to meet Standards for BSB30712 - Certificate III in Work Health and Safety.

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