Topic outline

  • BSBWHS407

    Assist with claims management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs

    This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to assist with the management of workers’ compensation claims, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs.

    This unit applies to individuals who assist with claims management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs.

    Note that the unit does not in any way address the process of treating the worker for their injury or illness as this is the task of health and rehabilitation professionals. Instead the unit focuses on assisting with managing claims and ensuring that the organisation supports the worker through return-to-work programs.

    Further details of the unit are available at - the National Register of Qualifications and units of competency.

    Learning guide

    Download the learning guide, which is the key resource for each unit of competency. Go through each element in the learning guide and then take the learning guide test. As you are working through the learning guide, complete the readings below for each element and take the associated element test.

  • Readings and Resources

    The readings help you gain the required knowledge for the unit. The tests are designed to make sure you have understood the material as the questions are all taken from the Readings listed above each test. The tests are marked online so that you can receive immediate feedback.

    At the main SafetyLine website there are additional resources that you may find useful including videos, photographs and checklists.

    • Element 1 - Assist with managing claims

      There are no readings for this element


      Element 2 - Assist with planning for and implementing a successful rehabilitation/return-to-work program


      Element 3 - Assist with monitoring and evaluating a rehabilitation/return-to-work program

      There are no readings for this element.

    • Certificate of Completion

      Upon passing all the necessary unit tests (as indicated above by a to the right of each test) your certificate will be available below for printing.

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